Sunday, 22 January 2017

Rack of French Lamb with Blackberries Sauce and Potato Gateau_Wine Marry

This was the Main Course to the competition...

Rack of French Lamb with Blackberries Sauce and Potato Gateau

Ingredients for a dish:
For lamb:
1 unit clean French lamb rack
Salt enough
Pepper enough
20ml Olive oil
30g Butter

For sauce:
200g Blackberries
30g Shallots
20ml Olive oil
50ml Red wine
30g Sugar
Salt enough

For garnish:
3 unit New carrots
1unit Leeks
Oil to frie
50g Spinach
Salt and pepper enough
1 unit Maris piper potatoe
1/4 Butternut squash
Salt and ground black pepper enough
50g butter
100ml Double cream
3g Pepperoni pepper

For lamb:
1-    Season the lamb with salt and pepper.
2-    Heat a frying pan, place olive oil and butter.
3-    Grill the meat on all sides.
4-    Bake at 190oC for 26 minutes.
5-    Cut the chops and serve.

For sauce:
1-    Cut the onion into brunoise.
2-    Place the oil in a sauce pan, heat and sweat the onion.
3-    Place half the fruit with wine, sugar, salt and let reduce.
4-    Turn off the heat and serve with meat (use the other half of the fruit to decorate the plate).

For garnish:
1-    Cut the leaves of carrots and bake with butter for a few minutes.
2-    Slice the very thin leeks lengthwise and fry until crisp.
3-    Spinach: Blanch the spinach, season with salt and pepper and arrange on the plate.
4-    For the potatoes: Cut the potatoes with the rim, take a cover, remove the core with a boleador. Season with salt. Place butter inside and bake with herbs like thyme and rosemary to flavor 200oC for 20 minutes turning on all sides (remember that the faster roasting lid).

5-    For the pumpkin: cook in salted water until soft. Place the Thermomix with pepper, butter and a little cream. Purée until smooth and creamy, you have to stay with similar consistency of cream cheese. Stuff the potatoes with this puree, cover and put the lid down and serve.