Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Pasta Alla Amatriciana Marry With Chianti Cecchi

This beautiful dish I ate at an Italian restaurant in what I always call Riverside 2, was a delight and harmonized very well with the wine. If you want to know this nice restaurant is worth. The post code is: SE1 7BL - London.

But if you want to take the risk to do at home here is a suggestion of the recipe:

500 grams of hard wheat pasta
250 grams of bacon
500 grams of peeled tomatoe
50 milliliters of dry white wine
150 grams parmesan cheese
50 grams of onion
50 milliliters of olive oil
Sugar if needed

1.     Cut the onion and bacon into small cubes.
2.     Put the olive oil in the pan and let it heat, place the bacon and let it start to brown. Add the onion and sauté a little.
3.     Add chopped tomatoes and wine and cook until it becomes a sauce.
4.     Season with the salt, and if the sauce is very acid correct with a little sugar.
5.     Add the parmesan cheese, let in.

6.     Cook the pasta al dente, add the sauce, mix and serve immediately.

You can see the harmonization